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Hear our ICA students experiences of our Five Element Acupuncture training courses!

Five Element Acupuncture Diploma

Ciaran Ryder

I would encourage anyone who has an interest in health and well-being, either professional or personal, to enquire further with the team at ICA and discover the range of learning and opportunities available.

The delivery and content of the 5 Element Diploma has been beyond expectations with tutors readily sharing their vast experiences and resources.

Also, when participating in the course you may find yourself starting to view daily situations from a new and exciting perspective, this has proven to be rewarding and beneficial on many levels.

Kelly Richards

Having the opportunity to train in something I have wanted to do for a long time under both Michael and Paul is such an incredible privilege and a valued opportunity. The course is delivered with a passion and breadth of knowledge that can only come from their years of experience; their enthusiasm for the subject has enhanced my own leaning experience. I always look forward to the monthly weekend training sessions, these weekends are very hands on with the practical aspects of acupuncture, I also look forward to meeting everyone in the group who are all amazing friends.

The online material is without doubt superb, so much detailed information and content has been put in to the resources, the online material is also very accessible. The study at home is achievable and I have managed to fit it around a full time job and family life.

Sarah Phillips

Being part of the ‘family’ at ICA and looking back on our first weekend, it helps me appreciate the huge amount of learning that we have already done, even though it hasn’t felt so overwhelming due to the support of our tutors and each other as a group.

The course is delivered in a spiral of bitesize chunks, making it easy to digest as well as link together, and includes a starter pack of materials to start you off on your journey in practising your skills.

The course is thorough and extensive, covering a wide variety of acupuncture aspects from its history all the way to present day practices.

If you apply to join this professionally delivered course, you won’t be disappointed.

Richard Jago

This is a really marvellous course. The knowledge, skills and manner of both Michael and Paul really put you at ease, especially if, like me, this is a leap into something new for you. The practical support and guidance from Stacey also bears a mention, as does the brilliant online resources – something that genuinely surpasses what was available at university a few years ago.

Finally, if you’re wavering about joining the Sept cohort on account of Covid-19, I wouldn’t be deterred – they’ve mastered that too with Zoom meetings that replicate the college brilliantly. When this is all over you’ll be more than ready for the practical side of the learning, and think of the positive effect we’ll be able to have on the health of our loved ones and wider communities in the future. You won’t regret it.

Kathy Hitchens

Over half way through the first year and this course has surpassed my expectations. The knowledge and enthusiasm is obvious from Paul and Michael and they always have encouraging words when any of us struggle for time or motivation with coursework between teaching weekends. Even during the coronavirus restrictions, they have adapted to ensure we can still all meet up virtually online every month so that our learning journey continues uninterrupted. Deciding to study this course pushed me out of my comfort zone, but I’m very glad I made the first step.

Mike Noone

I decided on this course as it’s local and efficient over one year. What I found was three devoted very experienced staff/practitioners that run a very smooth and thorough programme that gives confidence and a deep understanding of Qi, the origins of acupuncture and with a wholistic paradigm treating the Causative Factor, the original dysfunction, ie. a system that doesn’t chase symptoms.

Five Element Acupuncture Theory

Revana Swales

Thank you for providing a very informative and thoroughly enjoyable course. I trained originally in TCM and it has been a pleasure to learn so much more about the five elements which have always interested me. Study with you has been a great benefit to me as a practitioner and an individual. The course material is complete in itself but it was lovely to also have a good bibliography (reading list) for further reference, I would recommend future students to take advantage of your guidance in reading matter.

Revana Swales

Jane Greenfield

I am very grateful for this course, which although considered “an introduction” to the Five Elements, it offers much depth and insight into this vast area of study and practice. It is well organized and thoughtfully delivered, with much clinical relevance regardless of your style of practice. Highly recommended.

Jane Greenfield

Dagmar Komárková

Dear Michael,
Thanks for your amazing course about 5 elements – so much information in one place…I find it very useful for my acupuncture practice and for my teaching as well.
With respect and gratitude,

Dagmar Komárková

Whitney Ellis

I am honored to have attended your online continuing education course! Thank you for having me and sharing some much-needed perspective along with the wisdom only encompassed by a true professional. I feel truly enlightened.

Whitney Ellis

Aiko Fukumoto

I have been interested in educating people about diet with the Five Elements for a long time, but I couldn’t find good materials about how foods can help people’s health in therapeutic ways.

I bought many books about the Five Elements but usually there are only small explanations. You provided us with great information on foods for the Five Elements and Officials. So I can start to educate people about a healthy diet for preventing illness and disease.

I would like to thank you… this course helped me to gain my confidence.


Aiko Fukumoto

Kenneth Yuen

I attended the course online and I found the content useful for my daily Physiotherapy practices. Unlike traditional Chinese acupuncture approach, the 5 element acupuncture theory illustrates a comprehensive and systematic approach in guiding you on how to apply its acupuncture method in a logical way. Step by step through the course content, I was able to understand the background of the theory and then use it at my practise. Certainly I have already known how to use needles beforehand. If you’re looking for a practical lesson on needle application, it is not the course you will go for. But for the theory part, it is amazing. I recommend anyone who is interested in using acupuncture in a western logical way to participate this course.

Kenneth Registered Physiotherapist

Ian Felix

This course has been totally captivating and inspirational. It’s one of those courses that once you are given ideas and concepts – you cannot not see them. They weave themselves into your clinical practice, knowingly and sometimes unconsciously. It changes your clinical thinking, it becomes more energetic.

The course is well presented and structured, first class and professional in every aspect. Thank you.

CPD Workshops

Sophie Clark

The Facial Enhancement Acupuncture workshop was a really interesting, informative and enjoyable day. It was wonderful to learn hands on techniques in a small group setting with Paul and his extensive years of knowledge and practice. Thank you!

Sophie Hellinikakis

I absolutely loved the Facial Enhancement Acupuncture CPD workshop. Paul is highly skilled and knowledgeable and delivered the course material in a manner that made the content uncomplicated. Paul is very approachable and patient and never minds answering questions. I would recommend this course to anyone that is thinking of training in cosmetic acupuncture. I can’t wait to deliver these treatments in my practice.

Rachel Thorpe

What a great workshop! This workshop is ideal for anyone who needs more needling practice in a supportive setting. Paul created a warm, friendly space to introduce many of the ‘magic’ acupuncture points for first aid and also protocols to support overall relaxation and wellbeing. There was plenty of support in point location and so many needling opportunities where we focused on evens technique and needle depth.

The workshop has left me feeling much more confident and ready to learn more.  Many thanks, Rachel

Laura Darling

Really enjoyed this weekend of Paul’s workshops: ‘The Use of Acupuncture Points Off of the Causative Factor’, ‘Introduction to Acupuncture for Fertility and Reproductive Health’, and ‘Facial Enhancement Acupuncture.’

The first workshop was full of valuable information on points off the CF,  protocols and many needling opportunities – really helpful for building up a portfolio of point locations for treatment planning.

I found the Fertility Acupuncture workshop extremely interesting – lots of valuable information on fertility, both factual and explaining the enormous emotional journey for clients and how acupuncture can assist immensely during a client’s journey.

The Facial Enhancement Acupuncture workshop was a wonderful practical day of facial needling – Paul demonstrated the facial enhancement acupuncture and then we had plenty time to do the whole the whole procedure on each other and equally have a greater understanding how Five Element Acupuncture can assist further with facial acupuncture.

Thoroughly enjoyed the weekend of workshops, Paul generously shared his knowledge and expertise on acupuncture. A very inspiring weekend and also meeting up with fellow practitioners sharing are thoughts and experiences is an added plus.

Laura Darling

I greatly enjoyed Michael’s weekend CPD Workshops on ‘The Management and Treatment of Pain’ and ‘The Art of Acupuncture Needling’. 

Michael shared his skills, knowledge and the Chinese history of pain management. This workshop is full of valuable information giving a very comprehensive guide on different types of pain in the body together with acupuncture protocols.

I found The Art of Needling workshop gave me a very comprehensive and practical guide on needling, allowing me to have greater understanding on needling technique. Also, hearing first hand from Michael about his many years practising acupuncture and learning from JR Worsley himself is not to be missed.

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