Acupuncture Point Series – Spleen: SP 4

Spleen 4 Gong Sun “Grandfather Grandson”

Sp 4 is a wonderful point for the spirit of Earth. Its connection with the Chong Mai*, and thus indirectly with Pre and Post Heavenly Qi, gives it a sense of continuity through generations.

As the opening point for the Chong Mai, which coalesces with St 30, Sp 4 benefits both the Stomach and Spleen via its connection with the “Root of Anterior and Posterior Heaven”.

The Chong Mai passes through the Three Jiao affecting the Kidneys, Uterus, Heart, and Stomach. So, with such strong links, it’s easy to see how the richness of Chong Mai and Spleen Qi provides us with an impression of harvest. There’s a sense of looking to the future, as these rich qualities are distributed throughout the Body/Mind/Spirit.

If our patients are feeling sorry for themselves, where everything is too much to cope with, then this point brings a new perspective and appreciation of a brighter future.

Sp 4 is said to keep the balance and harmonious exchange of Earth yin and yang.

The Stomach and Spleen need to keep harmony since they’re controllers of the storehouse and granaries. For what they ingest from the outside not only becomes a part of us but continually renews our ability to participate in life.

*Chong Mai – One of the Extraordinary Vessels.

Michael Baker Grad Dip (HPE), BAc. MFHT, Dip in Life Coaching.

Michael Baker
Michael Baker

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