Five Element Accredited Acupuncture Courses

The International College of Acupuncture is now a Complementary Medical Association (CMA) Registered College. CMA training providers are considered elite in their profession, so it’s fantastic that they’ve recognised us as such.

Our Five Element Acupuncture Theory and Diploma courses are individually CMA accredited acupuncture courses, reflecting the high standard of training you receive from ICA.

This is great news and means that our Five Element Acupuncture Diploma students are eligible to join the CMA once they graduate. Membership supports those entering the profession as they build their business.

And you’ll be able to promote your practice, join together with like-minded professionals and access top-class Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Visit the CMA website to discover more about this long-established association and how undertaking its accredited courses can help grow your practice.

Paul Adkins
Paul Adkins

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