September 2023 Acupuncture Graduates

ICA Acupuncture Diploma Graduation Ceremonies

Huge congratulations to the first students to graduate from our one-year Five Element Acupuncture Diploma!

In September, six students gathered to receive their certificates from ICA Principal Michael Baker in both Cornwall and Oxfordshire (pictured). And we’re looking forward to presenting more certificates to our graduates at our next ceremonies in December.

Seventeen students have completed our one-year acupuncture diploma programme to date, and we are so proud of their achievements. It’s exciting to see them take Five Element Acupuncture into their local communities and start treating patients with this wonderful system of Chinese medicine.

Cornwall Five Element Acupuncture Students Complete their 100 Hours Practical

Four of our Cornwall cohort celebrate completing their 100 hours of practical training in September – with tutors Michael and Paul.

September 2023 Cornwall Five Element Acupuncture Cohort

Our September 2023 Cornwall cohort with their tutors.

Stacey George
Stacey George

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