The Art of Needling

A Morning Workshop in Cornwall or Oxfordshire

The Art of Needling Workshop

Fee: £80



Sunday 6th October 2024 10 am – 1 pm

Booking Deadline: Please secure your place by Sunday 22nd September 2024. We need a minimum of six students on this workshop for it to run.*


Sunday 14th July 2024 10 am – 1 pm

Booking Deadline: Please secure your place by Sunday 30th June 2024. We need a minimum of four students on this workshop for it to run.*

The Art of Needling 10 am – 1 pm

Advance your acupuncture needling skills with our in-depth practical workshop (3 hours).

The morning will begin by blending the classical historical influences and the inspirational philosophy that have been the foundation for the art of needling. This, along with Qi awareness exercises, will guide the practice of needling during our session. The delivery will begin via a series of theoretical presentations, followed by the introduction to a series of Qi Awareness techniques to support and enhance the guided hands-on practice of needling.

The session will begin with a presentation of the following:

  • An introduction to the inspirational concepts of “The Art of Needling” from modern sources.
  • An introduction to the “Depth of Needling”, with considerations given to Season and Condition.
  • An Exploration of the “Forgotten Traditions” in the art of needling. Should we choose to return to the use of some of these techniques?
  • An Exploration into the art of “Obtaining De Qi”.
  • An Exploration into aspects of “Intention”.
  • After this presentation, the participant will practice the following techniques:
    • Practice Qi Gong techniques to promote the movement and awareness of your own Qi.
    • Practice utilising the breath to bring an awareness of Qi to the Dan Tian.
    • Practice moving Qi to the hands to become aware of Qi’s manifestations and presence.
    • Practice moving Qi into the needle, exploring different manifestations of Qi’s presence.
    • Practice in pairs, needling into safe areas “Without” and “With” the awareness of Qi. We will then discuss and explore the differences and benefits of such practice.

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Who is this workshop open to?
How do I book a place?

Please contact Stacey to book a place on this course – a £25 deposit is required to secure your place. There are limited spaces and a minimum needed to run this course, so be sure to secure your place by the booking deadline – see above for details.


Laura Darling

I greatly enjoyed Michael’s weekend CPD Workshops on ‘The Management and Treatment of Pain’ and ‘The Art of Acupuncture Needling’. 

Michael shared his skills, knowledge and the Chinese history of pain management. This workshop is full of valuable information giving a very comprehensive guide on different types of pain in the body together with acupuncture protocols.

I found The Art of Needling workshop gave me a very comprehensive and practical guide on needling, allowing me to have greater understanding on needling technique. Also, hearing first hand from Michael about his many years practising acupuncture and learning from JR Worsley himself is not to be missed.

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