The Use of Acupuncture Points Off of the Causative Factor (CF)

A One-Day Workshop in Cornwall or Oxfordshire

The Use of Acupuncture Points Off of the CF

Fee: £175



Friday 5th July 2024 10 am – 5 pm

Booking Deadline: Please secure your place by Friday 21st June 2024. We need a minimum of four students on this workshop for it to run.



Dive into an enlightening exploration of acupuncture points to use in addition to working with a patient’s Causative Factor (CF).

This workshop is designed to broaden your understanding and application of acupuncture for physical healing and spiritual wellness.

Join us for an invaluable opportunity to enrich your acupuncture toolkit with exceptional techniques perfect for general practice.

Sign up now and transform your approach to acupuncture.

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Rachel Thorpe

What a great workshop! This workshop is ideal for anyone who needs more needling practice in a supportive setting. Paul created a warm, friendly space to introduce many of the ‘magic’ acupuncture points for first aid and also protocols to support overall relaxation and wellbeing. There was plenty of support in point location and so many needling opportunities where we focused on evens technique and needle depth.

The workshop has left me feeling much more confident and ready to learn more.  Many thanks, Rachel

Laura Darling

Really enjoyed this weekend of Paul’s workshops: ‘The Use of Acupuncture Points Off of the Causative Factor’, ‘Introduction to Acupuncture for Fertility and Reproductive Health’, and ‘Facial Enhancement Acupuncture.’

The first workshop was full of valuable information on points off the CF,  protocols and many needling opportunities – really helpful for building up a portfolio of point locations for treatment planning.

I found the Fertility Acupuncture workshop extremely interesting – lots of valuable information on fertility, both factual and explaining the enormous emotional journey for clients and how acupuncture can assist immensely during a client’s journey.

The Facial Enhancement Acupuncture workshop was a wonderful practical day of facial needling – Paul demonstrated the facial enhancement acupuncture and then we had plenty time to do the whole the whole procedure on each other and equally have a greater understanding how Five Element Acupuncture can assist further with facial acupuncture.

Thoroughly enjoyed the weekend of workshops, Paul generously shared his knowledge and expertise on acupuncture. A very inspiring weekend and also meeting up with fellow practitioners sharing are thoughts and experiences is an added plus.

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